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Welcome to Surveys4Rewards and thank you for visiting our site. We offer a selection of surveys that can reward you with cash which can be redeemed through Paypal and Amazon. Many of them from name-brand companies looking to get consumer feedback from people just like you. There is no cost to you; the surveys only require your time and your opinion. The surveys offered will depend on your age, your gender, and the area in which you live. Who knew your opinion was worth so much? Your opinion matters to us and we’ll show you by rewarding you for filling them out. The surveys can be done in your own time.


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Fill out the form and click the Sign Up Now button. Qualified users are automatically redirected to a page to complete your profile. We will also send out an email with instructions to create your profile. You will start receiving survey invites to your inbox. Pick and choose the ones you would like to take part in. That’s it.
It doesn’t cost you a thing. We value your time and reward you for it. Be wary of any company that says you have to pay a fee to get involved. It is you that is being rewarded, not us.
We take data privacy very serious. Our partners are reputable market research organizations and your information is shared with them to facilitate your request of been part of a growing online survey community that benefits from generous rewards.
You have to be 18 or older to join, take surveys and get rewarded.
Yes, you complete surveys online, at your convenience and pace.

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Who knew your opinion was worth so much?